'Handmaid's Tale' Season 3 Finale Spoilers: 5 Things That Need to Happen

3. Next Week in Little America…

Will we get to see more of Moira, Luke, and Emily’s narratives unfold as they continue to adjust to life post-Gilead?

MAE: One of the shortcomings of Season 3 is that we didn’t spend enough time with these characters. With only one episode left, their narratives will probably have to wait for Season 4. If anything, we may get some more of Luke and Moira, but not Emily. It’s important to delve into the aftermath of their experiences as refugees, especially since the show likes to reflect real-world issues. In Season 3, Emily’s story, in particular (because Moira is always sidelined), was far more compelling and interesting when compared to June’s. We need more of that multidimensional exploration — the crushing aftereffects of leaving Gilead behind.

CHELSEA: Emily is arguably the most complex character on the show. Unlike June, we don’t have the privilege of accessing her inner thoughts, which only adds to her intrigue. I’m always feverishly analyzing what she’s thinking when the camera gives her a moment of attention.

As Mae brought up, The Handmaid’s Tale often mirrors our very real political climate, leaving a bad taste in your mouth when the show forces you to think about what could be , which is easy to do if you binged it straight through like I did. (Do. Not. Recommend.) There’s a bevy of thought-provoking stories to tell from the viewpoint of Gilead refugees, but for some reason, the show won’t pause long enough on these characters to let us dive in. Should Season 4 choose to start on the right foot, it will allow us to see these characters all the way through.

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