Watch Midsommar 2019 Online Hereditary filmmaker Ari Aster is back with his second feature, Midsommar, and it’s as messed up as his breakout effort… if also simply messier in general. Aster has long described the project as a breakup drama disguised as a folk horror movie, much in the same way that Hereditary is a familial tragedy that’s been repackaged as a supernatural psycho-thriller. It’s an apt description too; Aster’s first two films feels like companion pieces to one another, thematically, and have many of the same strengths and flaws, along with some new issues in the case of his latter work. Midsommar is a mixed bag that blends unsettling horror with bizarre comedy, resulting in a film that’s equal parts fascinating and frustrating.

Story-wise, Midsommar revolves around Christian (Jack Reynor) and Dani (Florence Pugh), a young American couple who’re on the rocks; Christian has been wanting out of their relationship for almost a year but doesn’t want to be the one to end things, whereas Dani is continually finding new ways to blame herself for Christian’s distant and unsupportive behavior. After Dani suffers a horrifying personal tragedy, Christian invites her on a trip with his friends Mark (Will Poulter), Josh (William Jackson Harper), and Pelle (Vilhelm Blomgren) to go visit Pelle’s home village in Sweden and attend a mid-summer festival that they only hold every ninety years. And while the event seems a bit peculiar, if otherwise harmless, at first, Dani, Christian, and the others soon discover just how violent and disturbing this “celebration” truly is.

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