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Blizzard has launched a new forum designed to help you find your old World Of Warcraft friends and perhaps meet up with them again to try out World Of Warcraft Classic

The forum, which you can find right here, is called “Classic Connections” and allows people to either look for their old Alliance teammates, find former Horde friends, or even just find new people to try out World of Warcraft Classic servers with. 

The forum is surprisingly extensive and includes options to search by region and mode in order to find some old World Of Warcraft buddies. Users are asked to provide their character’s name, race, and class as well as the name of the original guild they were apart of and the names of the characters they’re hoping to reconnect with. 

Messages are usually complemented with statements like “Hope you guys are still around,” which really highlights what a missed connection section this really is. While World Of Warcraft has been around for years and remains quite popular, it’s fair to say that the game is not quite as popular as it was back in 2004-2006 when so many of these missed connections were first established. 

This forum also really sells the appeal of World Of Warcraft Classic. While many people know that returning to the vanilla version of World Of Warcraft will mean suffering through many of the problems and unrefined elements that existed back then, others just want the chance to once again experience the glory days of the game and maybe meet up with some long-lost friend. 

Whatever it is about World Of Warcraft Classic that speaks to you, you’ll be able to dive back into the game’s original version when Classic‘s servers officially launch on August 27.

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