Watch 21 Bridges 2019 Online — In the film, Boseman plays a NYPD detective who has always taken umbrage with cop killers after his own father, a police officer, was gunned down. After a drug heist leaves eight cops dead, Boseman’s character is brought in to solve the case, prompting him to take the drastic measure of completely shutting down the island of Manhattan for the night in order to find the killers.

The trailer teases a gripping cat-and-mouse chase through the city, soundtracked by Future’s 2017 hit “Mask Off.” But as the night goes on, a conspiracy surrounding the heist begins to unravel, leaving everyone from Boseman’s character to the crooks themselves flummoxed.

The title of the film references the lengths that Boseman goes to in order to find the killers. He shuts down all 21 bridges into Manhattan, stops trains, and cuts off the island from the rest of the world as he oversees a massive citywide manhunt. It’s personal for this particular NYPD detective, who had to deal with the trauma of having his police officer father murdered when he was a child.

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