Marketing Firm Has Been Tracking Instagram Users and Stealing Data

San Francisco marketing firm Hyp3r, a trusted partner of Instagram, has been scraping data from Instagram, including tracking users locations and saving their information and stories, according to Business Insider.

The startup has been compiling data from the Facebook-owned app to build profiles on people’s movements and interests.

This security breach happening just a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal revealed lax privacy security at Facebook and cost the company billions in fines. This information shows that Facebook has not completely committed to keeping user’s private data and personal information a top concern. Instagram did issue Hyp3r a cease and desist and kicked the company off their platform.

Lax oversight on data security by Instagram allowed its advertising partner Hyp3r to gain access to detailed records of users location, bios, photos, and Instagram stories. The privacy breach has been happening over the last year.

An Instagram spokesperson said, “HYP3R’s actions were not sanctioned and violate our policies. As a result, we’ve removed them from our platform. We’ve also made a product change that should help prevent other companies from scraping public location pages in this way.”

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