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Here are all the readers’ cat photos I received up to noon Chicago time. All comments by readers are indented.

The first is from Elizabeth Belyavin:

This is my granddaughter Hazel’s cat, Clover. She was abandoned when very young and pregnant, stayed at a rescue centre until her kittens were weaned and rehomed and is now much loved by Hazel and all the family. Look at the antennae!

From Kevin:

Our boys don’t get on that well but will nevertheless choose to sleep within a couple of feet of one another. Today they were sprawled in the shade about 6 feet apart but it proved impossible to take a good photo because George (tabby) insisted on sitting up and having a thourough wash (and we all know what that entails) while Bert (black and white, one-eyed wonder) continued his sprawl. Instead, have a photo from January when they both decided they needed to share my wife’s chair.

Two photos from reader Divy:

Here are a couple of pics of my boys, Jango and Boba. Jango (my silly imp) is in the box, and Boba rests on the bottom of the bookshelf.

Happy International Cat day!

From Robin:

You have seen the lovely Clementine before, gracing our home in all seasons. Here she is in perfect yoga mode. Staff: Robin Branch, Boca Raton FL

From reader Rachel:

Happy International Cat Day! This is my new kitten, Cordelia (named for the good daughter in “King Lear,” though my other cat, Lloyd, thinks Lady Macbeth might be more appropriate). She was adopted in May, following the death of my very beloved Sophie. She’ll be a year old next Wednesday. She’s deaf, she may have some slight neurological issues, and she’s definitely bonkers. She likes tummy rubs, toys that light up, and picking on poor Lloyd.

From the second reader named Robin:

Exhausted from running an entire household, Muffin sleeps comfortably in his heated bed at home in Pittsford, NY. Staff: Valerie, Paula & Chris Branch

From reader E. A. Blair:

This is Isa, a Maine Coon mix adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society in 2009, aged 5, which makes her 15.  She is a very sweet-natured cat, and will even leave her food dish for a cuddle, and scolds me whenever I return from an errand out of the house.  I was the second person to take her – she had been returned by a previous adopter because she “…demanded too much attention…”.  If she looks apprehensive in the picture, it’s because it was taken on her first visit to a vet.  She doesn’t go to the vet any more, because the Cat Doctor now makes housecalls.

From Victoria:

For #InternationalCatDay here is my boy Blue with his catnip toy. Blue was abandoned by his original miserable excuse for staff, then fed for months by a neighbor before he was brought to my attention. He is a bobtail and took to the indoors like it was his natural right. My sister sent him the Maine-made catnip toy.

Victoria in Florida

From my old friend Stash Krod, we have Qbit, who tells us: “Qbit, the quantum kitteh sez: ‘Happy International Kat Day!’”

From Linda Calhoun, who also has a passel of black cats that I’ve posted before.

For International Cat Day!! Frida Katlo, top, and Mickey Mouser, bottom.  These were taken on July 22, their fourth birthday.   They were born the day after you left four years ago. They are the only two of my kitties that have never graced WEIT.

From reader Mark:

As suggested in today’s posting, here’s a picture of my new kitteh, Noodles.

From reader Enrico:

His name is Ritchie. He’s one of my neighbors’ cat. And he is laid back, and has been enjoying the Montreal summer so far. Here I caught him napping, and so give the caption: “This cat is sleeping through International Cat Day. Whether it’s because he doesn’t know it’s International Cat Day or whether he could not care less, is unknown.”

From Anna, who took care of the late lamented Frank the Kitten before his surgery. In thanks, I sent her a copy of my last book. She shows it with her cats:

International Cat Day Pictures

From Robert:

Here’s my girl Maggie; torties are the best!




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