Watch A Conspiracy Theorist Explain How Monster Energy Drink Is Linked To Satan

Making its rounds on social media again is a video in which a Christian conspiracy theorist explains how Monster energy drink is linked to Satan, tying the company’s logo to the number 666 and seeing upside down crosses where they simply do not exist.

The theory first gained popularity around 2009, according to Snopes — a fact-checking website that thoroughly debunked the conspiracy theory in 2014 — but adherents simply won’t let it go.

The video shows a woman rolling through a slew of “proof” that Monster is somehow connected to the devil, though she never indicates what his end goal might be.

“Look at the ‘M’ closely, there’s a gap right here in the letter, it’s never connected,” the woman begins. “So you go to Hebrew. The letter Vav is also the number six — you could have here, in Hebrew, 666.”

But Snopes noted that the number 666 in Hebrew would actually be written “Tav Resh Samech Vav,” or “six hundred sixty-six.”

What about the alleged upside down cross?

“My interest is the word Monster, what do you see in the O? There’s a cross. What has Christ got to do with an energy drink?” she wonders. Of course, Jesus has nothing to do with the logo, she determines, because it is actually an upside down cross: every time you take a sip, the cross is inverted — a clear reference to Satanism, in the woman’s opinion.

Again, Snopes points to an error in the woman’s explanation, noting that the O with a line through it is not a cross; rather it is the letter “phi” — a “pre-Christian Greek character that has nothing to do with Christianity, witchcraft, or Satanic messaging.”

Watch the video:

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