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Modular guitars, upcycled denim, and more projects to make your own.

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Featured projects
Keystone Keyboard
Boaz One Modular Guitar
Venim: Custom Upcycled Denim

Keystone Keyboard

From modular guitars to upcycled denim jackets, these customizable projects let you run the show.

By Input Club

Input Club thinks mechanical keyboards should do more to help you type. They’re designing an open-source model with adaptive AI to help you improve your speed, performance, and accuracy. Plus, it glows!

By Boaz Instruments

What do you need to rock out? Get just the sound you’re searching for by swapping out pickups, bodies, and bridges on this modular guitar.

By Leslie Fong

Venim founder Leslie Fong wants to help you showcase your style and your environmental consciousness. Create your own custom jacket made from upcycled designer denim, and Venim will deliver it to your door.

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