Trump Grins While Holding Baby Whose Parents Were Shot In El Paso Terror Attack

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania were photographed on Thursday grinning and holding a baby in Texas.

Under normal circumstances, an image of the United States president posing with a baby, all smiles and throwing a ‘thumbs up’, would be a standard and even adorable photo op.

But Trump’s visit to El Paso, Texas, this week was not for a usual campaign trail event, and the adorable baby’s parents were not waiting off to the side.

The president stood next to an orphaned 2-month-old child, whose parents were killed during the massacre last weekend at an El Paso Walmart — two of the 22 people killed by an alleged white supremacist.

Still, Trump is all smiles in the photo, flashing his usual ‘thumbs up’ for the cameras.

“The infant’s adopted parents, Andre and Jordan Anchondo, were both killed in the supermarket massacre,” The Independent reported, “while he himself suffered broken bones when Ms Anchondo fell on the child to shield him from further bullets.”

The baby, called Paul, was reportedly brought back to the hospital to meet the president by White House request, after having been discharged days prior.

Trump has received much criticism for his behavior while in El Paso, including from doctors at the University Medical Center who said the president appeared to “lack empathy.” Trump reportedly bragged to medical staff during his visit about the size of a campaign rally he held in the city.

“Then you had this crazy Beto [O’Rourke, Democrat presidential candidate],” he can be heard saying in the mobile footage. “Beto had like 400 people in a parking lot.”

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