[Video] Watch Part 2 of Chris Notarile's 'Child's Play' Fan Film 'Tiffany + Chucky'

Last month, director Chris Notarile unleashed the fan film Tiffany + Chucky, telling the story of how the two horror icons might have met. Highlighted by a solid performance from a well-cast Llenelle Gibson as a young Tiffany, the short was one of the more unique horror fan films we’ve come along in recent years, and now Notarile is back with the brand new second part.

Notarile explains the new short’s premise, “One thing that’s always stood out to me in the Child’s Play series is that none of the flashbacks or sequences featuring Chucky as a human show him strangling anyone. In Curse of Chucky, he uses a knife, and in the opening credits of the 1988 movie, he has a gun. Then of course as a doll, he predominantly just stabs people with the occasional death trap. But we never really see him strangle people, yet that was what he was known for. So at what point did the Lakeshore Strangler stop strangling? Was strangling always his MO until a certain point? And you definitely don’t get called a strangler if you’re stabbing and shooting people. These questions needed answers. And since my story deals with Chucky’s past, I might as well try and make sense of everything.”

Since Chucky has been continuously portrayed as a stubborn individual, it would make sense that change of MO would come from someone of influence- Tiffany,” the filmmaker continues. “She got him to up his game in Bride of Chucky, with little to no effort. So it made the most sense to me that her desire for Chucky to switch things up came from a place of concern, which subsequently made him an even deadlier killer.”

Check out Part 2 below, which again stars Gibson alongside Kevin Caliber as Chucky.

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