Watch Them That Follow 2019 Online — Anton Chekhov warned other playwrights that if a rifle on the wall of a set isn’t going to be fired at some point, it shouldn’t be hanging there. Substitute a rifle for a poisonous serpent in a box, and you have “Them That Follow.”

This debut feature from the writer-director team of Britt Poulton and Dan Madison Savage is set within an isolated Appalachian mountain community of evangelical snake-handlers headed by a preacher named Lemuel Childs (Walton Goggins, who specializes in this kind of role, and played an adjacent version on the Kentucky-set TV drama “Justified”). Lemuel’s sect builds sermons and rituals around poisonous reptiles that symbolize Satan, temptation, sin, and other negative forces that can be overcome through prayer, humility, and the love of God and Jesus. The instant you get a look at a mass of those scaly buggers writhing on the forest floor in the opening sequence, you know one of them is going to bite a character — it’s just a matter of which one, and when.

The film’s heroine, Lemuel’s daughter Mara (Alice Engert), is engaged to marry a fellow member of the church (Lewis Pullman’s Garrett) but was secretly impregnated by an ex-church member named Augie (Thomas Mann), and the big question is whether she’s ultimately going to escape from the clutches of her father and his people or succumb to the clearly repressive and superstitious life that she’s known since birth.

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