The World's First 'Sharknado' Attraction Just Launched in Malaysia

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws can no longer claim to be the only shark attack horror movie to spawn its own theme park attraction, as Syfy and director Anthony C. Ferrante’s Sharknado franchise has just been honored with an attraction of its own over in Malaysia. Sharknado Alive!, the world’s first Sharknado attraction, just opened at Sunway Lagoon over the weekend!

The attraction is part of the Sunway Lagoon Scream Park.

“Based on one of Hollywood’s most absurd movies ever made, this new attraction is bound to be the most shark-tastic attraction that we’ve ever had! Look out, everyone! Brace yourselves for a harrowing journey through a maze-like attraction that will feature sights and sounds of sharks in tornadoes. This is definitely something out of the norm!”

In addition to the attraction itself, it looks like the park also features tie-in fun like the Sharknado Dunk Tank, a “Sharknado Blast” game and even a special “Shark Swim School.”

Check out some video footage from this past weekend’s grand opening below.

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