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At the moment, we’re so starved of Spider-Man game news that even the shortest amusing video is enough to get us excited. Today, for example, we’ve been giggling away at a clip of the iconic wall-crawler trapped in his own web.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 launched in September 2018, garnering no shortage of love among fans of web-head for its euphoric web-slinging mechanics, its sprawling story that was packed with sinister foes, and its massively emotional moments (one of which was almost cut by Marvel).

Almost a full year on from that launch, many of us have completed the game at least once, and all of the DLC content has been polished off as well. Insomniac has occasionally added new suits to the game, from Fantastic Four ones to Spider-Man: Far From Home tie-ins. And now, while we wait for an announcement of what Spidey’s gaming future will hold, this video has swung onto Reddit to keep us amused…

[Spider-man][Video] Spider-man got caught in his own web from r/PS4

Posted by a Reddit user named ycoliveira, the gameplay capture footage shows Spidey webbing up and enemy and then zipping closely towards him. The game can’t quite process this combo, resulting in the spider-themed hero being trapped in his own web.

Of course, the lore of the movies and comics dictates that Spidey would be trapped in this situation for a couple of hours, stuck to a nameless goon and waiting for the webbing to dissolve (unless he had some sort of gadget with him that could break the webbing sooner). In the game, though, it looks like you’ll probably need to reload from a checkpoint or do a fast-travel transition to get out of this pickle.

We’ll let you know if Insomniac announces plans for a Spider-Man PS4 sequel, and we’re also watching that Avengers game (which may or may not feature Spidey) with great interest. Until some actual news comes to light, though, we’ll keep enjoying the silly videos…

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