Dave Grohl play epic surprise show for Club NME at London's Moth Club

The legendary club night came back with a bang

There was once a time when any discerning indie kid in London or the surrounding area would make a beeline straight for Camden’s KOKO on a Friday night. After all, it’s there you’d find the legendary Club NME, where the best new bands (and occasionally some surprise bigger ones) would play and then NME DJs would spin all your favourite indie bangers, soundtracking many a messy night out of necking pints and making out with someone whose knowledge of every obscure Libertines song on the internet was as good as yours.

There’s no need to be nostalgic for bygone days, though, because, as of tonight (August 16), Club NME is back. There’s only one way to usher in the return of such an iconic institution, of course, and that’s by having one of the biggest names in the game play in the tiny, tiny surroundings of London’s Moth Club.

Just who is it that’s turned up ready to kickstart the weekend? It’s only Dave Grohl! Keep checking back here for updates on his set as it happens.

Dave’s here!

“I’ve been a friend of the people at the NME for a long, long time,” Dave said as he made his way on stage, explaining how he came to be here tonight. “When I walked in tonight, everyone said: ‘What are you gonna do?’ I said, ‘I have no fucking clue.’ So tonight we’ll play a couple of songs. I can’t believe how many people are here. We might have to do more than one fucking song!” 

Playing with just his guitar and “my friend Robbie on keyboard”, he kicked everything off with “a sweet little love song from Foo Fighters’ first record” – aka ‘Big Me’.

And so is Rick Astley?

As if it wasn’t enough that Dave Grohl is a) in the building, b) on stage with a guitar and a mic, and c) playing some of Foo Fighters’ biggest hits, he’s also brought a mate along. It is, obviously, Rick Astley of ’80s pop and subsequent Rick-roll fame. Rick’s on drums for ‘Times Like These’ and stays bashing those skins for a cover of his own hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, with Grohl on vocals. Classic.

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