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Phillip Stearns turns malicious software into dreamy textiles.

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Glitch Textiles: The Honeypot Collection

Transform computer viruses into textiles or become a master drone racer when you back these imaginative projects.

By Drone Racing League

You’ve watched pilots race these powerful drones on ESPN, Sky Sports, and Disney XD, and maybe you’ve even faux-piloted them in the Drone Racing League’s online simulator. Now, the team plans to put one of their actual racing rigs in your hands.

By Phillip David Stearns

Phillip David Stearns wants to make the concept of cybersecurity more concrete (and cozy). He’s transforming malicious software like computer viruses and Trojan horses into patterns for woven cotton blankets, scarves, and throw pillows.

By Iron Circus Comics

Featuring award-winning and emerging cartoonists, this frank and honest exploration of what it means to be “death-positive” will share stories, myths, hopes, and suspicions about death, dying, and the great beyond.

By Bully Pulpit Games

Play through your own Coen brothers movie in the new, updated edition of this beloved tabletop game of ambition, poor impulse control, and capers gone wrong. Disaster awaits.

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