White Woman Pulls Gun On 4 Black Teens Raising Money For Their Football Team

A white woman in Wynne, Arkansas, was arrested after police say she pulled a gun on four African-American teenagers last week as they were doing door-to-door fundraising for their football team.

Jerri Kelly, who happens to be the wife of an Arkansas jail administrator, was charged on Monday with “aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor,” according to USA Today.

When police responded to reports of “suspicious persons”, they found the four children on the ground, and Kelly was standing over them holding a gun.

After being allowed by officers to get up off the ground, the teens said they were in the neighborhood selling discount cards for an athletic program at their school. Two of the teenagers were wearing football jerseys at the time of the incident.

A warrant for Kelly’s arrest was issued several days later, and she turned herself in to police.

She was subsequently released on $10,000 bond, and did not have a mugshot taken at the time of her arrest. Public backlash ensued so Kelly, whose husband is Cross County Jail Administrator Joseph Kelly, returned to the jail after her arraignment to have a mugshot taken.

Cross County Sheriff’s Department Captain Jeff Nichols insisted that Kelly was given no special treatment, in light of her husband’s position, and that her mugshot could not be taken on Monday due to a “medical emergency” during her booking.

“She was afforded the same booking process and procedures as anyone that’s brought into our facility,” Nichols said. “She received no preferential treatment.”

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