Mertro Exodus Start Two Colonels

The first major expansion for Metro Exodus has finally released. Set once again in the dark, cramped metro players will get to experience the fall of Novosibirsk. Players will assume the role of  Khlebnikov as he battles against a disgusting slime, mutants, and more humans.

Unlike Exodus, Two Colonels is entirely linear so don’t expect to freely explore any locations. This DLC embraces the design of the previous two Metro games and is far creepier than Exodus.  Players will also get to use the new flamethrower to burn all their problems away! However, accessing this content can be a bit confusing since clicking the DLC button sends you to a webpage.

To start the Two Colonels expansion select Chapters in the Main Menu and then go all the way to the top. You will see a section labeled DLC and under that the name of the content. Select this to start Two Colonels and begin your journey. You do not need to have completed Metro Exodus to access this DLC and it appears to pick whatever difficulty setting you last played on.

If you haven’t purchased this DLC, you can acquire it via the Expansion Pass for $24.99 or just purchase the DLC separately for $7.99. We do recommend you finish Exodus before playing Two Colonels, as you might be lost on who some of the characters are or what they are discussing. The first Metro Exodus expansion is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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