Can You Identify All These Places in Deep Ellum?

Whether you’re a bright-eyed Deep Ellum newcomer who is still easily conned by “parking attendants” and can’t get over the fact that the candy store is really a speakeasy (we may have called you a tourist, sorry about that), or a scene veteran, most likely jaded, who tells anyone who will listen that you’ve been coming around the Elm block since before the neighborhood’s heyday (pick any), you probably know the area well.

Thousands of visitors flock to the Deep Ellum streets on weekend nights looking for live music, chaos, an excuse to ride a scooter on the sidewalk, or an excuse to yell at those riding scooters on the sidewalk.

We’re not here to judge why exactly you’re so familiar with Deep Ellum’s corners, whether you were doing something illegal – or worse – looking for a good selfie backdrop, but either way, you should test your memory and attention to detail by trying to identify these Deep Ellum spots by taking our slideshow quiz here

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