FX’s Pose is a game-changer, not just behind the camera, but in front. The show is based on the 80s ballroom scene exploring the lives of the characters who are in the LGBTQ community. It’s a story of characters who find a safe space away from the discrimination of their families and homes, a story of acceptance and identity. With dance, fashion, and art at its center, the show looks at what the arts make to them.

In its second season, the show became an urgent and drama as Blanca (MJ Rodriguez) and Pray Tell (The superbly marvelous Billy Porter) felt despair as the death toll from AIDS rose. But still these characters prevail through hope and optimism and garnered six Emmy nominations! Watch these eight clips below and remember to cast your vote for Pose!

“Identity and Acceptance” — Hear their stories. Feel their truth. The stars of Pose talk about their personal journeys of identity and acceptance.

“Community” — Awareness. Acceptance. Love. See how community is at the core of Pose


“Ballrooms” — It’s a space where dreams live. Go behind the scenes to hear from the stars of POSE about ballroom culture and witness what it means to the gay and trans communities.


“The Beauty of Dance” —  Dance is an expression of the miraculous body. Explore what choreography means to the cast of Pose.

“Beyond Fashion” — Fashion is culture. Fashion is art. Fashion is you. See the Pose community talk about what fashion meant and still means to the gay and trans communities.

“Visage” — It covers what you don’t want to show. It brings out what you do. The cast of Pose discusses the importance and history of make-up within the community.


New York” — Ball culture was born in New York City. The cast and crew of Pose describe the importance of the city and how it has changed since the 80s.

“New Voices” — There’s never been anything like this on television. Watch the cast and crew discuss being part of POSE and all its importance and potential for influence.




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