Robert Englund Says He Probably Has One More 'Elm Street' in Him But He'd Love to See Kevin Bacon as Freddy

There was a time when Robert Englund was pretty adamant about never playing Freddy Krueger again, but he has more recently suggested that he may have one more left in him. Englund actually did reprise the role for a special appearance on last year’s Halloween episode of “The Goldbergs,” but will we ever see him back under the makeup for one final movie?

At NJ’s Monster Mania con over the weekend, Englund again suggested that he could probably do it one more time. And he offered up his thoughts on who should play Freddy next.

We need a Freddy that can do the next eight movies – or seven, I don’t want them to remake Part 1 again,” Englund told the crowd during his Monster Mania panel. “I’m not Freddy anymore, you guys. I could do one more…probably. If you shot me up with vitamin c. But here’s the thing. I can’t do eight more, you guys. So we need a new actor that you guys believe in and trust and love that can go the distance.”

Englund continued, “He’s not a kid anymore either but the rumor I’ve heard that I like is Kevin Bacon. Kevin loves horror. He’s a real actor. He’s a character actor. Kevin was great in Tremors. Kevin was great in Stir of Echoes. And I’ve heard this rumor. We need someone like that to take it on. And re-do it, exploiting all of the new technology.”

Bacon, as you may recall, did at least lightly suggest an interest in playing Freddy back in 2016. “I like the way you think,” Bacon replied to a fan who suggested him for the role.

Englund touched upon various Elm Street-related topics during the Monster Mania panel, including his own desire to see new takes on both Freddy’s Revenge and Dream Warriors.

You can watch Englund’s full Monster Mania panel below, via Dead Entertainment.

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