'Metro 2033' to be adapted as feature film

Aug. 23 (UPI) — Sci-fi novel Metro 2033 is being adapted as a feature film.

Variety confirmed Friday that a new movie based on the Dmitry Glukhovsky novel is in the works at Russia’s Gazprom Media.

Gazprom Media’s TNT-Premier Studios Company, TV-3 Channel and Central Partnership Film Company are producing the film. Filming will begin in 2020, with the Russian premiere set for Jan. 1, 2022.

Metro 2033 takes place in Moscow following a nuclear war. The survivors form communities in the city’s underground subway tunnels, where they battle each other and mutated creatures.

Metro 2033 was followed by Glukhovsky’s novels Metro 2034 and Metro 2035. The series inspired the 4A video games Metro 2033 (2010), Metro: Last Light (2013) and Metro: Exodus, released in February.

Producer Valery Fedorovich praised Metro 2033 as being “embedded in the cultural code of sci-fi fans and gamers all over the planet.”

“For us and Gazprom Media Holding, this is a dream project, the most ambitious and large-scale film that we have ever launched,” he said in a statement.

The Hollywood Reporter said there have been several failed Hollywood attempts to adapt Metro 2033.

Metro 2033 is my first novel. It played a very special role in my life, and despite getting numerous offers to screen it, I turned them all down for over ten years,” Glukhovsky said in a statement. “But now I finally met a team that I can entrust Metro with. Our ambitions turned out to be similar: to create a world-class blockbuster and stun even those who have read the trilogy and know it by heart.”

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