Kristi Keller

He kicked my (en)titled ass.

The other day I published an article encouraging others to write more engaging titles for their Medium stories. Okay, it wasn’t as much encouraging as it was a head-shaking at most of what we have to sift through on a daily basis, in order to find something to click on.

I just want to be wowed once in a while. Is that so wrong?

The article received a decent amount of engagement, fairly quickly and I was impressed. Then one reader piped up with comments I thought for sure would become argumentative.

You know when you’re reading on the Medium app, you only get to see the first line of a comment, until you click into it? Yea, well the first line of his comment was, “So, I’m still not sure what doesn’t suck for you.”

I hadn’t yet put on my boxing gloves but I spit-shined them before clicking through, just in case.

Instead, I immediately fell in love with Steve Morocco. Why? Because he kicked my (en)titled ass and I think we should all hire him to create our story titles. I’m pretty sure he could start a business that runs solely on coming up with titles and taglines for writers

Just look what he did with the word, “MOM.”

Screen shot of Steve’s comments.

Another reason I (slightly) wanted to box him in the beginning, is because he pointed out what I already knew to be true. I didn’t read books while growing up. I was a dancer, not a reader. But he didn’t have to call me out on it and unleash a fresh, new wave of anxiety and depression. << That’s a joke that only makes sense if you read the article Steve called me out on.

Screen shot of Steve’s comments.

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