Watch: Pentatonix sings 'The Lion King' love song

Aug. 23 (UPI) — A cappella group Pentatonix released a music video featuring their rendition of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” on Friday. “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” is the love song from the film The Lion King.

The video has the five singers standing in front of a backdrop of the African sun resembling the opening image of both the 1994 animated film and 2019 remake of The Lion King. The members alternate solos while the other four provide a backing track with only their voices as instruments.

In The Lion King, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” comes after Simba has fled the Pridelands. He’s lived with Timon and Pumba on the outskirts of the jungle for years while Scar has turned his former kingdom into a wasteland. Nala ventures out to find help and discovers Simba living in hiding.

Timon and Pumba begin “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” as they recognize Simba will fall back in love with his childhood sweetheart. Simba and Nala themselves take over in a duet. Elton John and Tim Rice wrote the original song as part of their soundtrack to the 1994 Disney animated film. John also performed his own version of the song over the credits.

Donald Glover and Beyonce voice Simba and Nala in 2019’s The Lion King, which has become the second highest-grossing movie of the year. Glover and Beyonce are both recording artists themselves.

Pentatonix competed in the third season of NBC’s a cappella competition The Sing-Off. They won the season and have since toured and released EPs with their a cappella music.

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