[Crowdfunding] '90s Vampires and Roller Derby Girls Collide in Horror-Comedy 'The High Stake Rollers'

When the town of Falls Grave is invaded by ’90s throwback vampires, only a team of epic Roller Derby girls can save the night in The High Stake Rollers, now funding on Kickstarter.

Jamie McKeller is looking to pay tribute to the horror movies of decades past with The High Stake Rollers, particularly gory films like Evil Dead, Dead Alive and Re-Animator. He says in the project’s Kickstarter campaign, “We want to wash the set in the red stuff, make the audience shrink back in their seats at the sheer, unfiltered barf-fest that is The High Stake Rollers.”

In the short film, “When Katie Klein’s best friend is murdered by a gang of greasy, no-good vampires, everyone in Falls Grave tells her ‘It’s just something that happens here. Nothing we can do about it, the vamps have lived here longer than we have.’ Seeking revenge, she arms herself with a pointy stick and follows a creature of the night into it’s lair… obviously this goes super well and she’s about to meet an untimely end, when SUDDENLY a trio of roller derby girls appear and kick the absolute beans out of the monster.”

“The High Stake Rollers are an elite squad of Roller Derby girls who are on a mission to wipe every last vampire off the face of the Earth!”

Some of the selling points here are that the team is going heavy on the *practical* effects, and it’s also fun to note that the title characters will be played by actual derby players.

The team is hoping to raise $9,817 to turn The High Stakes Rollers into, for starters, a 15-minute short film. Head over to Kickstarter to learn more and, if you’re so inclined, pitch in!

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