Farmer Who Voted For Trump: We Will Never Get Our Markets Back

Though President Donald Trump’s trade war with China has not yet caused a mass exodus of support from American farmers, producers in the U.S. are growing more angry that the president’s trade policies are harming their bottom line.

In Pennsylvania, farmer Rick Telesz told CNN that while he doesn’t hate the president, he is angry with Trump’s tariff scheme — which has driven his family’s farm into the ground.

Telesz said 100 percent of his farm’s soybean crops are exported, and he is fairly confident nearly all of those beans went to China over the years. Now, with Trump’s tariff war and China backing out of the U.S. agricultural market, Telesz’s income has dropped 20 percent over the last year.

He said the farm is “using the equity it has built up over the years just to survive” now.

Telesz, who along with his father and uncle said he voted for Trump in 2016 but would not vote for him again, told CNN he believes American farmers have permanently lost the Chinese market, thanks to the president.

“We’ll never get that full market back, no,” he said. “They’ve just gotten too many new suppliers that will cater to them.”


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