David Gross

Mary Poppins Returns

Better late than … never!

When I went looking for an interesting movie, this caught my eye as I loved Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews, made by Disney in 1964. It was based upon PL Travers Book Series. They were very hard giving Disney another chance. They tried with Julie Andrews as an older Mary Poppins and they would not do it.

This one was too good too miss!

Emily Blunt plays Mary Poppins. She sings and acts wonderfully. Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, the Lamp Ligher. Dick Van Dyke played: Bert in the Original and this part is not a Chimney Sweep as the song Chim Chiminey. I believe it was the Sherman Brothers that did the original Music and Lyrics. Music: Marc Shaiman Lyrics Scott Whittman.

Meryl Streep was in this as Cousin Topsey, taking the Ed Wynn part turing upside down instead of hicupp going UP! She is in “A League of her own.”

Dick Van Dyke is in it at the end as the other part of the Old Head of the Bank. Angela Lansbury comes in at the end as well. Return: has a Lamp Lighter Song with all of the Lamp Lighters dancing and singing. I have said that Les Miserables did not work as well because they all were singing and dancing as they were being tortured and Killed! This one is much fun.

Directed by Rob Marshall Jr. who directed Chicago in 2002.

This is where my childhood was and even the talking cane as a parrot was wonderfully done. The Children were good. The plot is similar to the old one, only it is the Banks Children, Jane and Michael, now grown up and the original house is going into foreclosure as Michaels wife died and Jane had no boyfriend… leaving her open for Love with Lin-Manuel. She loves Puerto Ricans that Hit the Heights!

A fun one for late night activity. I “Tried” to watch Men In Black: International with Liam Neeson and the Brit who I forgot for now as the young side kick. I lasted 10 minutes and had to bag it. Poppins kicked butt!

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