We Asked 11 Bartenders Their Favorite Lesser-Known Bottles Of Booze

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When stocking a liquor cabinet, we all know that certain bottles are a necessity. If you’re doing it up legit, you should have a decent bottle of whiskey (Scotch, bourbon, rye), rum (spiced, dark, white), tequila (reposado, añejo, blanco), gin, and vodka on hand. Plus you’ll need bitters, simple syrup, and any other ingredients you enjoy mixing with on hand.

Once you stock up on the basics, you should also invest in a few unique, fun options. Bottles worth talking about. We like to keep a bottle of Amaro for after-dinner drinks — it makes us feel like ballers and tastes incredible.

If a bitter, Italian liqueur isn’t for you, you can take advice from some of our favorite bartenders. We asked them to tell us their go-to lesser-known bottles of booze.

Novo Fogo Cachaça

Chris Heinrich, head bartender at Tre Rivali in Milwaukee

Cachaça. Cachaça. Cachaça. Kuh – shah – suh. It’s Brazilian sugarcane rum. Novo Fogo has an absolutely impressive line of cachaças. I love their silver. It’s a pure, beautiful expression of the Brazilian rainforest. It’s incredible to note the effects of terroir in this spirit, something usually closer associated with wines.

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