Yellowstone Season 3: Return Date & Kevin Costner Details


Tonight is the finale of Yellowstone, but you won’t have to wait too long to see the show again. Paramount Network has already renewed Yellowstone for a third season. On top of that great news, Kevin Costner will be returning to the series as John Dutton. Read on for more details.

You’ll Have to Wait a Year to See ‘Yellowstone’ Again

Paramount Network

It’s going to be a year before Yellowstone returns for Season 3. But thankfully, you won’t have to wait multiple years like people had to do for Game of Thrones or Westworld on HBO. The wait is a lot shorter than it is for other shows.

On June 19, 2019, Paramount Network announced that Yellowstone was renewed for a third season. Season 3 will be 10 episodes long, just like Season 2. The announcement was made on the day that Season 2 premiered.

Paramount Network hasn’t announced the exact date that Yellowstone is returning, but the network has been sticking to a very specific schedule for its show. So we can give a close range of dates for when you’ll likely see the show return for Season 3.

Season 1 of Yellowstone premiered on June 20, 2018, and the final episode aired on August 22, 2018.

Season 2 of Yellowstone premiered on June 19, 2019 and the final episode aired on August 28, 2019.

So there’s no reason to believe that Paramount Network won’t be sticking to the same schedule, considering the great ratings that Yellowstone is getting. Expect to see Season 3 of Yellowstone return in late June 2020. Just like this year, the finale of Season 3 will likely air in late August 2020.

Oh, and they’re already filming Season 3, so that’s another sign that they’re sticking to the same schedule.

Kevin Costner Is Returning for Season 3


Even more great news is that Kevin Costner is returning in his iconic role as John Dutton for Season 3 of Yellowstone. The news was announced on June 19, when Paramount Network also announced that the show was renewed for a third season.

When Season 1 ended, fans weren’t sure if Costner would be back for the entire season since his character had been sick with cancer. But the character’s illness has been wrapped up in the second season and John Dutton is alive and well now.

Here’s how John Dutton’s illness was resolved.

John was operated on in Season 1 for his colon cancer and then two weeks after his surgery, he rode a horse that needed to be broken. He tried to hide his pain but it was very visible. John went to an auction the next day and ran into an old friend whose son was in charge of analyzing the results of the mass that was cut out of John. Jamie later talked with the doctor and told him to stay quiet about what was going on with John.

It turns out that John did have colon cancer and it was removed in his surgery. The mass that was seen in the post-surgery scan (and that caused some of his later health scares) was actually an ulcer. The ulcer ruptured and John had to get an emergency helicopter lift to a hospital. He was treated and recovered. Now his health is fine.

John Dutton is cancer-free and will be on Season 3 of Yellowstone. The show wouldn’t be the same without Kevin Costner. Fans are thrilled that Costner is sticking around for a third season with his dysfunctional but highly entertaining Dutton family.

Fans can’t wait for Season 3 of Yellowstone to return with Kevin Costner in the lead. Expect to see the new season in early summer 2020.

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