Moviegoing Memories: Joanna Hogg on Notebook

Moviegoing Memories is a series of short interviews with filmmakers about going to the movies. Joanna Hogg’s The Souvenir is MUBI GO‘s Film of the Week of August 30, 2019.

NOTEBOOK: How would you describe your movie in the least amount of words?

JOANNA HOGG: It’s a portrait of a young woman becoming a filmmaker, who gets involved with a charismatic man who encourages her ambitions but also devours her self-confidence.

NOTEBOOK: Where and what is your favorite movie theatre?

HOGG: The Minema in Knightsbridge, which closed around 2000 and was only time I’ve watched films in a cloud of cigar smoke. Now a Ferrari showroom—frustratingly, the basement cinema is still there buried underneath. I’d love to re-discover it.

NOTEBOOK: What is the most memorable movie screening of your life?

HOGG: Watching The Bubble, an American sci-fi directed by Arch Obler in 1966, at The Essoldo Cinema in Tunbridge Wells around 1970. It was the first 3D film I’d ever seen (filmed in Space-Vision 3-D system) and was memorable for giving me a headache and being surprised by a tray of beers which came out of the screen towards me. 

NOTEBOOK: If you could choose one classic film to watch on the big screen, what would it be? 

HOGG: I want re-watch Sergei Bondarchuk’s fabulously inventive War and Peace (1966). A Nos Amours screened it at the Curzon Bloomsbury in 2013 and I feel like seeing it again for inspiration, as it connects with a project I’m thinking about.