(Video) Trump's Speaking Ability Has Declined Significantly Since 2015

Trump’s verbal acuity has dropped significantly since his first run for office. His decline is noticeable when comparing Trump’s speeches from 2015 to today.

The jolting contrast between President Trump’s 2015 campaign launch and recent speech about his new defense budget and “Space Force” is of note.

In yesterday’s speech at the White House, Trump appeared to be speaking deliberately, struggling through a declaration of the new, strikingly high defense budget and its use to build “[advanced] equipment that nobody could even conceived of, even two years ago.”

His 2016 presidential run is infamous for his mercurial and arrogant rhetoric, marked by statements like “I’m really rich… that’s the kind of thinking you need for this country.”

Little has changed throughout his time in office, so this lack of boastful and pompous language and tone must be noted: Is his health declining? And does Trump truly want to be in office… or does he just like the attention?