Steve Aoki On His Favorite Streetwear And How He Travels In Style

Steve Aoiki / Uproxx

In 2014, Steve Aoki landed himself in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s most traveled musician.” It wasn’t an achievement that the Grammy-nominated DJ was seeking out, necessarily. More of a natural byproduct of his endless hustle and passion for exploration.

“I’m probably on the road over 300 days of the year,” Aoki says, on the phone from Barcelona. He’s got a show in a few hours. The next stops he can remember are Tel Aviv, Hungary, and Italy. After that, he’ll have to look at the calendar.

“The road is my home,” he says, as the line gives a crackle.

Head through the clouds, there’s a buzzing sky,
And there’s this word, your love shines like
What it feels like, yes it feels like, heaven on earth
Traveling across the universe.

– Steve Aoki, Heaven On Earth (Neon Future Odyssey)

For Aoki, a true global vagabond, luggage is almost as essential to cultivating a sense of style on the road as the shirt and shoes he wears. Dragging around a run-of-the-mill carryon just doesn’t make sense, so he decided to design his own line. The legendary DJ connected with designer Sam Hafif — who consulted on Aoki’s personal streetwear brand, Dim Mak — to do a special collection for FŪL. The goal was to combine Aoki’s passion for Japanese streetwear and love of innovative tech, a natural way for people to elevate their style while on the road.

With Aoki on the road and his luggage on the market, we caught up with the star to discuss favorite streetwear, how he travels in style, and his essential gear when on the go.

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How do you pack with style in mind?

I am incredibly efficient when it comes to packing. I bring only bring exactly what I need. There are no choices that I’m bringing, or optional outfits. I decide what I’m wearing each day, what I will be doing each day, and what I need to bring for that. That goes from what I’m wearing around to what I’m wearing to the gym to what I’m wearing on stage.

I’m also always carrying around a lot of tech, multiple laptops — so there has to be room for all of that.

What’s your style like heading into an airport?

I am looking to be as comfortable as possible. I want to be feeling good while I waiting or sitting down. I’m probably wearing something by Adidas or one of their collaborations. These pants i have on, by Julius, are inspired by streetwear and architecture and are my favorite pants right now.

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