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Here’s a 30-minute NPR “Fresh Air” segment in which Terry Gross interviews Hannah Shaw, a woman who specializes in saving newborn kittens (click on the screenshot).

The interview also has a transcript. Here’s an excerpt:

Well my dream has been to have this nursery in my home. … We have a couple different rooms for kittens of different ages and different needs. So our neonate room is really for those newborn kittens when they first come in. People say my house is like kitten Disneyland, but it’s also kind of like a kitten hospital. We have a very sterile environment for them. Everything is stainless steel, can be sanitized. We have incubators for those babies (0 to 3 weeks) who come in, and they don’t have mom, and they need that constant radiant heat to keep them warm and healthy. I have a refrigerator where all of their formula and medication is capped. We have lots of baby supplies, everything from soft blankets to surrogate mamas that have a little heartbeat inside of them [that] these babies can cuddle up to. Really everything that we need for the tiniest neonates is in that room.

And then we have a room called the socialization room, and the socialization room is for those kittens who are learning how to eat independently. They’re learning all of the skills of becoming a tiny cat. So we have enrichment in there, that they can learn how to climb and pounce and play and burrow and do all of the things that a cat can do. … When I get the kittens in, they typically start out in an incubator, and then we just get to see them through from 0 to 8 weeks all the way to adoption. And we have something for all of them there.

Shaw has a YouTube channel here, which includes this introductory video, as well as an Instagram page.

Here’s her new book (click on the screenshot to go to the Amazon link):

And here’s the empathic Shaw herself. Curiously, I see no kitten tattoos among her inks. All I can say is that Shaw makes the world a much better place, saving one life after another.

Photo: Andrew Marttila/Penguin Random House


Many of us have heard that Maine Coon Cats, unlike other breeds, actually like to be in the water.  Well, here’s at least one that conforms to the breed’s propensities. Click on the screenshot to read about Tissy, a Maine Coon in western Pennsylvania who loves to go swimming:

An excerpt:

The fluffy, orange Maine Coon cools off weekly in the Herr family pool in Brady’s Bend , Armstrong County.

Tissy even has a tiny custom floatie she dons while swimming — a creative use of plastic salvaged from a ring toss game.

“People say it’s crazy, but she’s just a laid-back cat that loves to swim,” said Sonny Herr, who rescued a tiny flea-infested, homeless, Tissy about five years ago from a busy parking lot near the Butler County Fairgrounds.

The Herr family includes 9-year-old Taylee, mom Jennifer, dad Sonny, son Traeh and their sole pet, a “spoiled” Tissy.

Taylee and Tissy are pool pals, always swimming together.

Tissy prefers to swim toward Taylee and enjoys snuggles in the pool and lounging in a fluffy towel on the pool deck after swims.

“She makes me happy,” Taylee said. “She’s like my sister.”

Here’s Tissy in action:


Finally, a lovely synchronized cat jump, but they fail to stick the landing:


Lagniappe: A cat/art tweet found by Matthew Cobb:



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