Donald Trump Is The Human Embodiment Of Republican Values

In a recent Op-Ed for the Los Angeles Times, Rich Benjamin brought to light flaws in the current perspective of the Democratic party. Benjamin wisely stated, “what the Democrats have failed to understand is that just because someone is an enemy of their enemy, he isn’t necessarily a friend. They keep hoping for that ‘reasonable’ Republican who can save bipartisanship and the fate of the country. But there will be no such miracles. Where the Republican Party is concerned, what you see is what you get.”

Despite the common misconception that Trump is “an outlier… a cancer on Republican politics,” he is the human embodiment of Republican values. Over 80% of Republicans nationwide approve of Trump’s administration, and behind his mercurial and inflammatory speech are traditional conservative values.

Defections from the party and so-called “never-Trumpers” are appealing, yet ineffective. Short of entirely denouncing all Republican values and the party as a whole, these officials are still indirectly aligned with our horrific figurehead. 

No “miracle Republican” will strip votes away from Trump in the election, or even, if elected, enact substantial change. From healthcare to immigration, Trump’s value exactly mirror those of the Republican party, and little will change unless Democrats nationwide realize this and work harder to force him out of office. 

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