German Lawmakers Blame Russia For Berlin Murder Of Political Activist

A diplomatic crisis may arise as German politicians and media blame Moscow for the assasination of a Georgian who had previously fought Russian forces in Chechnya in Berlin, according to Yahoo! News

Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, 40, had survived previous assasination attempts In Georgia before fleeing to Germany. He had fought for the Chechans in the second Chechen War (1999-2002) and continued his support for Chechen separatists from his native Georgia. 

The suspect, 49-year-old Vadim Andreevich Sokolov, is a Russian national from Siberia whose passport number has been linked to a unit of the Russian interior ministry.

Russia has denied all accusations, but a German security source told German Weekly Der Speigel earlier this week they were “100-percent certain” in Russian involvement. 

Patrick Sensburg, a lawmaker with the ruling party and a security specialist told Bild Daily, “There are some indications the author of the crime had links with Russian (security) services.”

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