Technology Bound To Create Exciting New Roles In Finance

Recent technological advancements like AI and machine learning are disrupting industries worldwide, causing widespread layoffs and changes to day-to-day operations. Like every other industry, finance will likely be affected, as reports have found that 50% of jobs in finance could be lost due to new technology.

In response to the inevitable change in the finance sector, The Next Web has come up with six jobs they believe to be vital to the future of finance:

  1. Fintech liaison: As fintech startups continue to disrupt the industry and become more stable, increasingly being acquired by large institutions, employment opportunities will arise.
  2. Self-driving finance engineer: Banks are diversifying, and many financial institutions may venture into wealth management, increasingly for the self-employed and freelancers. With the help of AI, people will be able to design their own savings and wealth management programs.
  3. Sustainable wealth manager: Individuals will be needed to advise investors and clients on how much to invest in sustainable energy and practices, and when.
  4. Cryptoforecaster: The ability to analyze current and past cryptocurrency trends will help investors better navigate this tricky, unregulated market. As knowledge grows, banks may play a larger role in the field of cryptocurrency.
  5. Trust officer: Due to the frequency of data scandals, trust officers who can provide clarity around how financial data is being used are essential.
  6. Cross-company cybersecurity liaison: More inter-company collaboration is likely, and with the ever-evolving state of cybersecurity, big banks will need to work together against impending cyberattacks. Liaisons across institutions will be needed to prevent and respond to attacks.

Though the future of finance is unclear, it is inevitable that, though technology may replace jobs, many more will arise as the industry evolves.

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