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Watch Spider in the Web 2019 Online — Here’s a free tip to the makers of contemporary spy thrillers: Avoid references to John le Carré. The lesson was sadly ignored by the makers of Spider in the Web, starring Ben Kingsley as an aging Mossad agent. At one point in the film, there’s an extended discussion about the book The Constant Gardener, and the unfortunate result is that you wind up thinking how much more you’d prefer to be rereading that contemporary classic than watching this tedious exercise.

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It’s no fault of Kingsley, who acts in a prodigious amount of films these days and manages to be compelling in every one of them. Here, the knighted actor (as he’s so intent on reminding you at every opportunity) plays Adereth, who would bear comparisons to George Smiley except that he’s more stylish and action-oriented. The veteran agent is obviously nearing the end of his career, but he’s not going gently into that good night, resisting the efforts of his superiors who want him to retire and suspect he’s putting false information into his intelligence reports to make himself look better.

The agency dispatches a younger operative, Daniel (Israeli actor Itay Tiran, The Debt), to watch over Adereth as he poses as a Belgian antiques dealer and investigates a company that may be providing chemical weapons to Syria. Complicating their strained working relationship is the fact that Daniel is the son of Adereth’s former colleague, who had once inscribed a photograph to Adereth with the wish that he look after his son when he’s gone.

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