This New Gameplay Teaser For Sci-Fi Survival Horror 'Negative Atmosphere' Shows the Disturbing Stilt-Walker

Earlier this year, a small development team from England, Sunscorched Studios,  showed off a slice of its sci-fi survival horror game Negative Atmosphere. It was in the very early stages, but it channeled the atmosphere of the now living-impaired Dead Space franchise (though still trying to do its own thing), and that ensured it got people’s attention.

Now, we get to see how it’s been progressing with a new gameplay teaser that shows an intimidating foe called the ‘Stilt-Walker’. The short teaser shows understandably foul-mouthed protagonist Dr. Samuel Edwards notice something emerging from a wall, and the ship’s A.I. advises him rather strongly to run from the horror hiding in the darkness. Safe to say, Edwards doesn’t heed that advice and we’re treated to his violent death via eye-poking.

Negative Atmosphere is inspired by the likes of Dead Space and more thematically, System Shock. It’s set during a space-faring Cold War between two human factions, and that seems to be the cause of a frightening pandemic that has erupted on the ship known as the Rusanov. Said pandemic has created some disturbing monsters, including the Stilt-Walker seen in the trailer.

It may be a survival horror, but the developer claims survival itself may only be temporary, as the tagline for this latest look at the game is NO HELP IS COMING. NO RESCUE IS EN ROUTE. ESCAPE IS NOT AN OPTION.

There’s no set release date for the PC version of the game, but the project only began a year ago, and the studio is only a handful of rather young people, so it may you’ll have to wait for that eye-poking a while longer. In the meantime, here’s a few screenshots.

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