Here’s a little tip from a Buddhist monk for anyone spooked by cemeteries at night

In this Japanese season of ghosts, hopefully this advice will help you see cemeteries in a new light. 

Summer marks the traditional season of ghosts in Japan–perfect for scaring your friends with spooky stories. With that in mind, it’s understandable why some people, such as Twitter user @sudaaaaa, might feel a little bit nervous walking around at night, especially when passing a cemetery that could be teeming with ghosts. Note that in Japan, an overwhelming majority of families hold Buddhist funeral ceremonies when a loved one passes, followed by the cremation of the deceased. The ashes are then interred within a family grave in a cemetery.

If you’ve never seen a Japanese cemetery before, here are some typical scenes of family graves:

▼ Does the addition of Graveyard Cat make it more or less spooky?

Thankfully, we’ve got a little tip to keep in mind whenever you feel yourself starting to become anxious around a cemetery. Those feelings of trepidation can be alleviated with a little wisdom that @sudaaaaa learned from a Buddhist priest:

“Recently while at a memorial service, the Buddhist priest said to me, ‘It’s not true that ghosts come out at cemeteries. Not only are they the most sacred of places, all of the people who have passed away and been interred there have been given proper memorial services.’ Since he said that, I haven’t felt the need to rush past cemeteries at night anymore. Thank you…”

Just like that, it’s neat to consider things from a different perspective! Other net users chimed in with their own thoughts as well:

“With that logic the worst places would definitely be hospitals.”

“Even if ghosts did come out there, they would all be people you’re comfortable with and would probably ask, ‘Would you like some tea’? or something.”

“A cemetery is a place where people from all generations are resting. I like to think of it like a wonderland beyond time for all of my ancestors.”

“But I saw the Cubone’s mother’s ghost in the Lavender Town cemetery while playing Pokémon. What’s that mean?”  

“I’m more afraid of living people…”

Whether you believe in ghosts in the first place or not, the above advice may also be of comfort to those who want assurance that their deceased loved ones are resting peacefully when well taken care of.

Source: My Game News Flash
Featured image: Pakutaso
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