John Doe Implores Judge Not To Name Names In Epstein-Related Case

Having one’s name associated with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is in no way desirable, and one anonymous man is now terrified his might be leaked to the public when another round of court documents are released in an Epstein-related court case.

According to The New York Post, the John Doe’s attorneys filed a letter with the court on Tuesday, begging Manhattan federal court judge Loretta Preska to spare the man potential humiliation by not releasing the names or identities of those implicated in the court papers.

The case in question is that of Virginia Roberts Giuffre, a self-proclaimed “sex slave” of Epstein’s who has brought a lawsuit against the now-deceased financier’s associate and accused accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

“As a non-party to these proceedings, Doe lacks specific knowledge about the contents of the Sealed Materials,” his lawyers wrote. “But it is clear that these materials implicate the privacy and reputational interests of many persons other than the two primary parties to this action, Giuffre and Maxwell.”

David Boies, Giuffre’s lawyer, told The Post he expects a Wednesday hearing to determine how the remaining material in the case will be handled.

“It’s a whole new set of documents, five to 10 times larger in volume than what has been released so far,” he said. The first dump contained nearly 2,000 pages of case documents that were released to the public earlier this month.

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