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Legendary live Replacements recording finally sees the light of day (a DM premiere)

In the summer of 1989, a promotional-only release by the Replacements was sent out to radio stations. Entitled Inconcerated Live, the disc included the group’s latest single, “Achin’ to Be” plus five exclusive live cuts. The concert recordings, taped during a June ’89 gig at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, are amazing, capturing the ‘Mats at their finest in a live setting. Inconcerated has long been coveted by fans—including me—and now, after 30 years, the complete concert is about to be released. Part of an incredible new boxed set, the full Inconcerated show is a thrill to finally hear—and Dangerous Minds has a preview.

For decades, the Replacements have been my favorite band. I saw them multiple times from 1987 until they parted ways in 1991 (plus a couple of reunion gigs), and the shows were always fun and exciting. In 1989, when I got word that there was a live promo thing floating around, I flipped—I had to have it. Though the details are now hazy, I managed to score a copy of Inconcerated Live, which I played over and over again. At some point, it occurred to me that a full recording of the performance surely existed—but would I ever get to hear it? Someday, I hoped.
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Well, someday has indeed arrived. The Complete Inconcerated Live is part of Rhino’s upcoming boxed set, Dead Man’s Pop, which hits the streets on September 27th. The 4CD/1LP collection is the first Replacements box to document a specific period in the group’s history—the Don’t Tell a Soul era. The set features a new, spectacular mix of Don’t Tell a Soul by producer Matt Wallace, and reflects how both the band and Wallace intended the album to sound (the record was significantly altered during the post-production phase). We also get previously unreleased outtakes from the initial DTaS sessions with producer Tony Berg, as well as unheard ’89 recordings with Tom Waits. All great stuff, and a feast for fans. The Complete Inconcerated Live makes up the second half of Dead Man’s Pop. As the five songs on the promo indicated, the Replacements were on fire that night, playing with the kind of raw enthusiasm that defined their best shows. It’s a fantastic vintage ‘Mats performance, one that was professionally recorded and sounds stellar.
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The box also includes a 180-gram vinyl pressing of the new mix of Don’t Tell a Soul, and a hardcover book with lots of photos and notes by Trouble Boys author, Bob Mehr.
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Pre-order Dead Man’s Pop via Rhino or Amazon. Snoozers = losers on Rhino’s limited edition deluxe edition; it’s already sold out. 
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I couldn’t be more pleased than to present to readers of Dangerous Minds the premiere of a Dead Man’s Pop track. Taken from the Inconcerated gig, here’s the song they burst out of the gate with that night, “Alex Chilton.”

Crank it like it’s 1989.

The Replacements’ infamous TV appearance on the International Rock Awards had taken place just a couple of days prior to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee gig, and was referenced by members of the band several times during the subsequent show.

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