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Angela and Tony, stars of the hit reality series “Love After Lockup,” are featured on the second half of season 2. Here’s what we know about the couple.

Angela and Tony, stars of the hit WE tv series Love After Lockup, featured on the first season of the reality prison series and have returned this season to continue sharing their love story with fans.

The couple has had a rocky road to their “happily ever after,” however; although Angela was excitedly awaiting Tony’s release from prison, she was left alone at the bus depot at the end of season 1 when he wasn’t released as expected. Now that he is finally about to be released, Tony may have some competition from other men who have fallen for the reality star while Tony remained behind bars.

So are the two still together, or did they split up after filming? Did Angela fall in love with somebody else while he was locked up, and will Tony be able to win her back if she did? Here’s what we know:

Angela & Tony Met Through a Prison Penpal Facebook Page

Angela and Tony met through a Facebook page called Prison Inmate Penpals World International and the two immediately hit it off. Although Tony is 13 years younger than Angela, the couple were smitten and quickly fell in love

“When I met Tony I really wasn’t looking for love, I just have a lot of compassion for those that were imprisoned,” she tells the cameras in the clip above. “The moment I knew that I was in love with Tony, I just had this feeling of ‘this is the guy I’m gonna marry,’ and it wasn’t long after that Tony asked me to marry him.”

Although the two appeared to be head-over-heels for each other, Tony doesn’t seem to be on the same page as Angela when it comes to their future. Angela is ready to marry Tony and start their lives together after his release, but Tony doesn’t appear to be ready to tie the knot just yet, and a promo for this season 2 (below) shows Tony leaving Angela waiting at a wedding store after saying he can’t tell her where he is.

It’s Unclear if the Two Are Still Together Today

It’s too early to tell if the two are still together, and contractual obligations to WE tv likely stops the couple from publicly sharing much in terms of their relationship status. Not only have the two had a rocky start to their relationship, Angela’s friends and family are worried that he might be using her as a “sugar mama” and that he might not be ready to commit as fully as Angela to their relationship, so it’s unclear if the couple worked through their issues and stayed together or if they called it quits after filming.

It also looks like Angela might finally be getting sick of waiting around for Tony to make up his mind, since WE tv teases that he might have some competition from other men who have eyes for his “old lady.”

Fans will just have to wait and see how everything plays out for the couple by tuning in Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv to catch the newest episode of Love After Lockup.

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