Topa Sukaldería San Sebastian Spain

This is part 6 of the series on San Sebastian, Girona, and Barcelona, Spain. Other parts of this series (as they become available) can be found at this link.

Topa Sukaldería is a new casual concept from 3-Michelin star chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of Mugaritz. The restaurant celebrates the similarities between Latin and Basque cuisine. It boasts a Michelin bib gourmande designation as well as being one of Eater’s 12 hottest new restaurants in San Sebastian in 2018.

Chef Aduriz was inspired by a trip to Latin American with his team, where he discovered the similarities between Latin American and the Basque region specifically. Chef Aduritz tapped Chef Jessica Lorigo to help bring is vision and concept to fruition.

A New York native, Chef Jessica Lorigo previously trained at Mugaritz and fell in love with the region when she moved here.

Topa Sukaldería

The food at Topa Sukaldería is delicious and colorfully highlights Latin themes using local Basque ingredients.

Enjoy a beautiful ceviche of bonito and sweet potato, a boldly flavored “Al pastor” Basque style “tacotalos” (like a taco), or txoripan made with Basque chorizo.

Our friend couldn’t stop gushing about the perfect texture of the squid in the deep fried squid.

Overall Thoughts – Topa Sukaldería

Topa Sukaldería is unique because there really aren’t that many non-Spanish restaurants in the area, so something like this is quite special.

We had a great time sampling so many different, interesting dishes while washing them down with cocktails (which, by the way, you can order either by the glass or by the jar which is what we did!).

My favorite dish was the Peruvian Causa with crab. Bryan, who love all things Mexican, thought everything was great.

The place was pretty empty when we arrived at 1PM but became livelier as the afternoon went on. In Spain people tend to eat later, so it’s not super surprising.

All in all, this is a great place to enjoy lunch while in San Sebastian!

Topa Sukaldería
Agirre Miramon Kalea, 7, 20003
Donostia, Gipuzkoa, Spain