Watch: Lil Nas X goes futuristic in 'Panini' music video

Sept. 5 (UPI) — Lil Nas X looks to the distant future in his new music video for “Panini.”

The video, released on Thursday, channels sci-fi film Blade Runner and features multiple, holographic advertisements of Lil Nas X plastered all over a futuristic city.

A young woman is unable to escape the advertisements and tries to get away by taking an Uber. Lil Nas X then approaches her in an alleyway alongside dancing robots.

The woman next boards a flight which Lil Nas X reaches by using a pair of jet-powered boots. The rapper eventually turns off the advertisements and leaves the woman alone after she jumps out of the plane and lands safely.

“Ayy Panini, don’t you be a meanie/ Thought you wanted me to go up/ Why you tryna keep me teeny now?/ Now they need me, number one on streaming/ Oh yeah, you used to love me/ So what happened, what’s the meaning?” Lil Nas X raps.

“Panini” appears on Lil Nas X’s EP 7 which also features “Old Town Road (Remix)” feautring Billy Ray Cyrus.

Lil Nas X and Cyrus won Song of the Year for “Old Town Road (Remix)” recently at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.

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