Watch Next Level 2019 Full Movie Online — The opening credits of Ilyssa Goodman’s “Next Level” are, perhaps, the most interesting thing about it. They begin with the credit for the producer — and when was the last time you saw that in a theater? — and then work their way backwards to the cast, crew and director, as if to say that the fact that this movie got made is, itself, the most noteworthy accomplishment of all.

“Next Level” is a song-and-dance drama about a summer camp for teen enthusiasts of this business we call show. The audience is informed, in no uncertain terms, in the movie’s second scene, that this is one of the most prestigious organizations of its kind in the country. But we are informed in literally every other scene that the organization employs only two people and is taking up space in a disused corner of a community-college campus.

The film features an ensemble of young actors, but our focus is on Kelly Hatcher (Lauren Orlando, the online series “Total Eclipse”), who has been kicked out of many other camps because she’s such a maverick renegade and nobody knows what to do with her. Sure enough we quickly learn, over the course of “Next Level,” what makes Kelly such a dangerous influence on the other kids: She cares about the feelings of others, she doesn’t let the spirit of competition ruin her attitude, she’s got lots of talent, and she doesn’t break any rules. Kelly is so edgy she’s practically a sphere.

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