Star Trek: Picard series trailer, cast, news, release date and more

CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Picard series, about the further adventures of our old friend Jean-Luc Picard, is moving forward swiftly, and it’s now been revealed that it’ll arrive in early 2020, as opposed to the end of 2019 which was original announced. It’s absolutely something to look forward to.

It looks like the series won’t be chock-full of standalone adventures for the former Captain, when it finally lands on our screens. In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, Patrick Stewart, who will be reprising the role of Picard at CBS AA, has said that the team on the new show “are writing a ten-hour movie” and that they’re all hoping for more than one season to transpire. This could be a matter of phrasing from the actor, but the idea that the series will be one long arc for the character is delightfully appealing.

The first season of Picard has now wrapped filming, with showrunner Michael Chabon quick to point out that his companion isn’t wearing a MAGA hat, but one that says “MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN”:

Here’s everything else we know about the forthcoming series…

Star Trek: Picard season 1 – the Geek lowdown

How many seasons are there? Season 1 will debut in early 2020

Renewed or cancelled? It’s expected that a second season will be confirmed soon. Robert Picardo has apparently already been approached for an appearance in it

Release date confirmed? Nope, early 2020 is all we know

Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video

Created by: Alex Kurtzman and Michael Chabon

Star Trek: Picard trailer – Data lore

At San Diego Comic-Con a cool new trailer for Picard was unveiled, featuring a host of fresh and familiar characters. Although Brent Spiner’s Data makes a welcome appearance, the actor has confirmed that he won’t be a big presence in the series.

“Data makes appearances in the show, I can say that,” he said at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention. “And Data is a story point in this season as well. But I’m not in every episode. I’m not a major character on the show.”


Star Trek: Picard plot – Romulan rumblings

Star Trek: Picard will manifest as the franchise’s first visit to the Star Trek: The Next Generation time period since the 2002 movie, Star Trek: Nemesis, which was the last time Stewart played the iconic captain of U.S.S. Enterprises D and E. The upcoming series will chronicle a storyline set during Picard’s golden years, which were famously teased in an alternate-timeline setting in the 1994 Star Trek: The Next Generation series finale, “All Good Things,” living a peacefully idyllic existence working his family’s famous vineyards in France.

Indeed, the first teaser trailer showed us a very ominous vinyard setting in the news series, with Jean-Luc being quizzed about a big event in his life that ended up putting a sudden full stop on his tenure at Starfleet.

Kurtzman was nervous that Stewart wouldn’t be keen on doing the new series initially, but after he read what the team were planning to do with the Picard story, he was more than happy. “He walked into the room and he had a huge smile on his face and said, ‘This is wonderful’. What he understood at that point … was that he was with people who desperately wanted to collaborate with him, that we weren’t trying to exploit him. He knew if he was going to go back to Picard, it needed to be for the greatest reason ever.”

In a chat with THR about where we’ll find Captain Picard in the Trek timeline when we rejoin his story later this year, Kurtzman previously tried to explain the timeline situation. What you’re about to read may be a little confusing if you haven’t been keeping up with the newer Star Trek movies, but we’ll try to break it down as best we can.

In the 2009 Star Trek film, starring Chris Pine, we were taken forward in time to the year 2387 during old Spock’s mind meld with the younger Kirk. Spock showed the rebellious future Captain a plan that he’d concocted to use red matter to create a black hole that would avert a forthcoming disaster – a star that was going supernova was set to destroy Romulus. Unfortunately, Spock didn’t manage to carry out his plan in time, and Romulus was destroyed. Kurtzman co-wrote this story, so it kinda makes sense that he’s taken this event and merged it with the new Picard series, using it to catch up with the timeline 12 years after the destruction of Romulus.

“Picard’s life was radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire,” Kurztman told THR, and the Romulan connection, featured in many stories that followed Picard through The Next Generation and into Nemesis, appears to be the hook that tempted Patrick Stewart back to the role. “What we tried to convey in [a first meeting with Stewart] was how desperately we loved him and the character and how much we wanted to see what happened to Picard. It turned into a 34-page document — with no way to shorten it. We were going on all in and he was going to read it or not read it, love it or hate it. It was our best attempt at trying to get him to say yes.”

Star Trek: Picard poster – wine dog

A first poster has been unveiled for the series, and in it, Picard has a dog. If anything even vaguely John Wick-like happens to it, we will riot. Patrick Stewart is a long time advocate of dog rescue services and foster programs, so this all feels quite lovely and right.

Star Trek: Picard cast – loads of new faces

A trio of casting announcements led with Alison Pill coming aboard the series. We’re using an old pic of Pill in Scott Pilgrim here, because why not? More recently, she’s been part of the American Horror Story cast, though. 

Harry Treadaway (Mr Mercedes) and Isa Briones (Takers) also star.

Some character breakdowns emerged via That Hashtag Show a while back. You can read those right here. They appeared to be legit af because Deadline then revealed that Santiago Cabrera (Salvation) and Michelle Hurd (Blindspot) had joined the cast shortly after. Cabrera will play “the pilot of Picard’s ship who also is a skillful thief. Hurd is playing a former intelligence officer who is a brilliant analyst with a terrific memory that has not been affected by her drug and alcohol abuse.”

That seems pretty bang on with the aforementioned breakdowns!

Evan Evagora has also been added to the cast in a mysterious role, according to Deadline. The young actor will also feature on next year’s Fantasy Island movie, but this will be a big first role for him on TV.

Star Trek: Picard release date – 2020 bound

We’ll see the first episodes appear in early 2020. The series was initially expected to arrive at the end of 2019 but the start date is now at the beginning of next year.

Amazon has revealed that Picard will stream exclusively on Prime Video UK, with episodes available within 24 hours of their US debut. Netflix UK is currently home to sister series Discovery, so this is a pretty interesting development (for streaming service nerds like us).

Star Trek: Picard behind the scenes – Frakes on takes

A pic from the newly-launched writers room from Patrick Stewart revealed that work on the new series was well underway.

Stewart, who made the official announcement of the Star Trek: The Next Generation follow-up series back in August, tweeted a photo of the former-and-soon-to-return Picard actor’s proverbial ready room, joined by a creative coalition consisting of Kirsten Beyer (Star Trek: Discovery), showrunner Michael Chabon (Spider-Man 2), Akiva Goldsman (Star Trek: Discovery), Diandra Pendleton-Thompson (Awakening Love) and James Duff (Major Crimes). Indeed, Stewart’s accompanying caption, “The journey has begun,” is enough to stoke excitement amongst even the most lapsed of Trekkies.

Stewart’s Next Generation co-star Jonathan Frakes is now a veteran Star Trek director, and he talked to the brilliant Trek Movie about his episodes.

“I’ve been booked for they call the ‘second block,’ which is episodes 3 and 4,” he confirmed, adding “There are going to be ten episodes, with five blocks … [Hanelle Culpepper] is about to start shooting, and then I start prepping after she starts shooting for a couple of days. I am so looking forward to it, I can’t tell ya.”

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