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In 2014, Jonathan Entwistle’s Film4 short introduced us to The End Of The F***ing World‘s James and Alyssa, two teenagers that once met, it was impossible to forget. Back then they were played by Submarine’s Craig Roberts and The Lobster’s Jessica Barden, and their messed up road trip was destined for a feature film.

By October 2017, Alex Lawther had replaced Craig Roberts as James and that feature had turned into an eight-part Channel 4 series that was a dark delight of blood, dysfunction, comedy and sneak-up-on-you emotion. Critics loved it, Bafta nominated it for Best Drama, and it took home a well-deserved Royal Television Society gong and Peabody award.

Now, it’s coming back for a second series in November and if you click on the lead image, you can get a first look at mysterious new character Bonnie.

The Geek lowdown

How many series are there? One, with another on the way

Renewed or cancelled? Was renewed in August 2018

Next series air date confirmed? November 2019 on Channel 4

Where to watch? Channel 4, Netflix

Created by: writer Charlie Covell and director Jonathan Entwistle adapted from Charles Forsman’s graphic novel.

The End Of The F***ing World series 2 cast – Alyssa has a new friend

New character Bonnie, played by Star Wars Episode IX‘s Naomi Ackie, will be joining series two. The official press release describes Bonnie as “an outsider with a troubled past and a mysterious connection to Alyssa.” Hmmmm.

The first official photo of Alyssa sees her in an American diner-style uniform and name tag, take a look above.

Channel 4 is playing coy about the fate of Alex Lawther’s James, only confirming the return of Barden, but we’d be incredibly surprised if she wasn’t joined by Lawther. We’d also expect Steve Oram, Christina Bottomley and Navin Chowdhry to be joining them as James’ dad, Alyssa’s mum and her step-dad, along with the brilliant Gemma Whelan and Wunmi Mosaku as police officers Noon and Darego, though none of that’s yet been confirmed.

The End Of The F***ing World series 2 story – two years later

The entirety of Forsman’s graphic novel was covered by series one, leaving series two with no source material to adapt so it’s all going to come from writer Charlie Covell’s imagination this time around, which is confirmed to take place two years after the events of the series one finale.

The end of series one (spoilers ahead) left James having confessed the murder of serial killer Dr. Clive Koch to the police, before Alyssa tried to stage an escape by boat. Not wanting Alyssa to get the blame for the murder, James knocked her out and ran away on the beach, as the sound of a shot was heard.

The End Of The F***ing World series 2 creatives – series one writer and Graham Coxon return

Series one writer Charlie Covell (Humans, Banana) is definitely back. Directing-wise, two new British names are listed on IMDb, Destiny Ekaragha (Gone Too Far, A Proposal) and Lucy Forbes (In My Skin, Bad Cramps).

In early 2018, Blur’s Graham Coxon told NME that he was keen to come back to write more music for the second run, and that’s exactly what he’s done. Expect a new score and another clutch of original songs from Coxon in the series two episodes. 

The End Of The F***ing World series 2 release date – confirmed for November

Channel 4 has still to confirm the series two exact air date, but we can expect the new episodes to arrive in November 2019.

According to Channel 4 content boss Ian Katz, as reported by Deadline, the new episodes won’t come to Netflix for at least a year. “A conventional hold back of more than a year before people see it on Netflix.”

The End Of The F***ing World differences from the comic

Forsman’s comic made James and Alyssa’s serial killer victim a Satanist whose police officer wife was tracking them down, whereas the Channel 4 series invented the new characters of DC Noon and DC Darego (Gemma Whelan and Wunmi Mosaku).

The endings of the series and the graphic novel were similarly ambiguous – both end on a gunshot ringing out and leave James’ fate undecided, though the sight of Alyssa carving James’ name into her arm in the graphic novel hints that he may have died in the original version of the story.

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