Alex Cora expects to continue as Red Sox manager, but owners haven't told him yet

Alex Cora was all alone.

Though Red Sox owner John Henry and chairman Tom Werner were in town Sunday to fire Dave Dombrowski, they chose not to address the media or answer any questions in a formal press conference on Monday.

Instead, they told Cora he would handle it by himself and asked him to reinforce the message that the Red Sox appreciate the work Dombrowski did here.

Cora’s press conference on Monday began when he was asked if he thought it was unfair that he had to answer questions about Dombrowski’s firing all by himself.

“Unfair or fair, I don’t know,” Cora said. “The team already sent a statement. They actually wanted to make sure that we appreciate what he did, as an organization. I know for some people, it’s probably not enough. For others, maybe it is. I’m just here like every day to talk to you people for whatever you guys want to talk about it.”

Cora said he walked off the field Sunday night and Henry, Werner, Sam Kennedy and Eddie Romero were there to tell him what happened.

“They told me, ‘you have to tell the players,’” Cora said. “It’s not easy. I always talk about it with you guys. There’s the game, and then there’s what happens off the field, and then your feelings and all that. It was a tough night for everybody.”

Dombrowski and Cora spoke early on Monday morning.

“I was very surprised; this is the guy that gave me a shot to become a big league manager,” Cora said. “For four or five years, you go through this process and nobody gave you a shot. All of a sudden, Dave Dombrowski, 40 years in the big leagues, decides to give me a chance to run this organization as a manager.

“We were successful last year. This year, not that much. This is a business where sometimes you’ve got to take tough decisions, and this was a tough decision. Ownership decided that from now on they’re going to look forward for someone else to run baseball operations. They explained it very simple. The guy is amazing. He’s probably a Hall of Famer, what he did for the organization the last four or five years, it was great. I think everybody appreciates what Dave has done.”

New general managers like to pick their own managers, but Cora said he expects to stay in his job.

“I mean, as of now yeah,” he said. “That’s how I feel. I woke up this morning and I feel like, yeah.”

As obvious as it may seem to keep Cora around, the ownership group did not tell him specifically that he was safe.

“We haven’t talked about that,” Cora said. “I think we’re like in the first stages of whatever is going to happen in the upcoming months.”

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