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A new camera hack reveals that the ghostly figure Lisa which terrified many players in Hideo Kojima’s P.T. was actually behind you the entire time. 

In case you aren’t familiar with P.T., allow us to explain a few things. See, P.T. forces the player to navigate a hallway full of things waiting to scare you. One of those things is Lisa: a ghost that happens to be the source of some of the game’s greatest jump scares. 

There are many times in P.T. when you can hear Lisa behind you or near you, but she’s not always there when you look the direction you think she should be (although, she sometimes is there waiting to scare you). Most players believed the game was just sending out some rogue audio designed to get you to look where Lisa isn’t. 

However, it turns out that isn’t entirely true. A game hacker named Lance McDonald recently revealed on Twitter that he started poking around P.T.‘s code in order to discover some of the game’s secrets. While McDonald says that he’s found quite a few things, one of the most interesting discoveries occurred when he manipulated the player’s perspective and placed the camera where it wasn’t meant to be placed. 

Doing so revealed that Lisa is actually behind the player the entire time. She’s basically your backpack. What that means is that when you turn around because you think Lisa is right behind you and she isn’t there, it’s only because Lisa is actually right behind you in that very moment. Somehow, this glitch makes P.T. that much scarier. 

Hideo Kojima has always been a master of horror even when he’s not making horror games, and we’re thrilled to see if Death Stranding ends up having more of these scary moments.

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