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Mr. Vampire 1 inspired me to conceptualize and outline the very first realistic movie idea I’ve ever had. More than inspiration, it triggered me to pursue a career in film making; which makes this movie very special to me. This movie received critical and commercial success in China back in the 80’s; however, I think it deserves greater commercial and critical success all over the world. It’s an awesome movie, go watch it.

The Plot

Mr. Vampire 1 is a movie about Jiang Shi, a Chinese zombie vampire that moves by hopping with its arms outstretched. In the movie, the vampire can not “see” you if you don’t breathe. A Taoist priest used Chinese magic ink to prevent a dead body from becoming a Jiang Shi; however, that did not work and the vampire is out to kill everyone.

How to Balance Kung Fu, Comedy, and Horror

Mr. Vampire 1 is a unique gem. It is perfect balance of horror, comedy, and Martial Arts action; there is nothing like it. What’s great about it is they did not force a 2 hour movie (with 96 minutes running time) even if they had a lot of material to work around with. I actually wish the movie is 2 hours long but I guess they were really going for the balance of horror, comedy, and action. They did not want to waste another 30 minutes with corny jokes or scenes that will make the movie dragging (the bad 2nd act syndrome). The movie is packed with a good story, stupid characters, stupid cops, jumping vampires, a female ghost who knows Kung Fu and has super powers, and the creme’ of the crop, impressive Kung Fu action scenes.


If you haven’t seen Mr. Vampire 1, watch it today or on the nearest upcoming weekend. It is highly recommended to watch with your family, friends, or even just alone on you own. I guarantee you will love it unless you are a hopping zombie vampire with arms outstretched who can’t see people if they don’t breathe.

Jays Ratings — 95%

Rotten Tomatoes — no score

IMDB — 7.5 out of 10

Metacritic — no score


BudgetHK$8,500,000Box officeHK$20,092,129

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