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In the spirit of the Wii Fit series, Nintendo is releasing new fitness software and hardware for the Nintendo Switch. Stick with us, because this is odd and pretty fascinating.

The software is called Ring Fit Adventure, and it serves as the companion to a new exercise peripheral that’s basically a giant, round workout cable (or pilates band) that has a slot in it for your Switch Joy-Con. There’s also a strap that you’re supposed to put around your leg which supports your other Joy-Con. This means it won’t work with the Nintendo Switch Light (at least without extra peripherals). 

The gimmick is that you use the band and the strap to play Ring Fit Adventure, which is basically a simplified JRPG that sees you try to take down some kind of fitness dragon that is terrorizing the kingdom. As someone who does try to go to the gym, I’m pretty sure I know the bro that they’re talking about.

Ring Fit Adventure is set to release on 18 October, and you can watch the trailer here…

By performing certain exercises shown on the screen, you’re able to defeat the various monsters that you’ll encounter along the way. Those exercises include running, which you’ll seemingly need to do to navigate some of the game’s labyrinths.

While it feels like you can cheat certain exercises, the idea is that you’ll get a full-body workout by following the on-screen commands. You can also adjust the resistance of the band in order to accommodate your personal strength and fitness level. It also supports some minigames for simpler, quicker workouts. 

We’ve seen quite a few fitness apps over the years utilize similar ideas, but Ring Fit Adventure‘s basic concept seems strong. We’re not quite sure if this is going to reach the heights of Wii Fitness given that Wii Fitness was kind of a phenomenon on-par with the phenomenon of the Wii itself, but this does feel like a natural evolution of that idea and one of the most interesting things Nintendo has done with Switch technology since the introduction of Labo. 

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